Family health practice

Family Practice – Your personalized channeling of General Practitioners

While our GP's practice and focus on personalized care to individual patients, GPs also take part in keeping your records of the earlier visits and diagnosis computerized efficiently to benefit all patience of the health care system.

We offer continuing and comprehensive health care for all age groups at our Family Practice Center. At this primary care structure we manage acute presentations as well as chronic illnesses round the clock. Disease prevention and health promotion are other two areas we work on. In addition to the acute care, screening programs and vaccination clinics are two of our highlighted services. When necessity arises we refer patients to relevant consultants and follow them at our family practice with specialist guidance.

The list of our permanent doctors is as follows :

  • DR. M. F. NIROSHAN (WEEKDAYS 7.00 AM- 1 .00 PM)
  • DR. Y. M. M. YAPA (WEEKDAYS 5. 00PM - 10.00 PM / SUNDAY 7.00 AM – 5 . 00 PM)
  • DR. (MRS) SIVANATHAN (SATURDAY 7.00 AM – 5.00 PM )
  • DR (MRS) SHIFA ISHIE ( SATURDAY 5.00 PM – 10.00 PM)

Other services which includes in our Family Practice (OPD Service)

    • Vaccination Clinic
    • Provides 24 hour service for O.P.D patients
    • Admission of the patients including half day admissions is available.
    • Nebulizing
    • Dressing / Suturing
    • Injections (IM & IV)
    • Catheterization
    • Enema
    • Insertion of Nasogastric tube
    • IV Infusion
    • Referring to Consultants
    • Medical Advice
    • Medical Checkups

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